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Customizing Your Break Room Setup

Loyal Vending Customizing Your Break Room Setup

Micro-markets allow organizations to install fully equipped and secure convenience stores in their offices. It’s an innovative way to create happier, more energetic, and more productive employees.
The good news is that you can tailor your micro-market break room to meet your specific needs and preferences. Imagine having a specially designed and personalized break room that caters to your individual needs.
Customization brings unlimited benefits, making the space truly yours, boosting customer engagement, increasing brand recognition, and enhancing sales. At Loyal Vending, we have a team of experts who can customize your California micro market to fit your specific preferences. Ultimately, you’ll reap the benefits of a unique space that showcases your company culture.

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How We Can Tailor Your Space

Rotational Themes

We can help you constantly change the theme displayed in your micro-market kiosk for enhanced engagement. Tailor the theme to match a specific holiday, season, location, or demographic to resonate better with your audience.

Spacing and Design

We work with a team of experts and local manufacturers to design and build each micro-market. We can also elevate the comfort in the break room by providing a mix of chairs, couches, and tables. So, whatever space you have, we can transform it into a beautiful break room.

Featured Products

We can create a dedicated space – a featured product section – where you can showcase particular items. The featured section is an opportunity to increase awareness of new products, launch promotions, push offers, and display custom messages.

Branded Signage

We understand the significance of branding to your business. With that in mind, we’ll tailor your micro-market branding for enhanced awareness. For instance, we can place branded signage on the kiosk to increase brand appeal. Alternatively, we can create custom branded headers or labeled sections highlighting your brand.

Food and Drink Selection

We’ll work closely with you to stock your micro-market with healthy and organic meals or quick and easy snacks. There are limitless options, and we prefer to work with you to create a menu that fits your employees’ or students’ needs.

Benefits of Our Customized Break Room Setup

At Loyal Vending, we believe in creating welcoming break rooms that keep employees engaged and on-site. In addition, we allow you to highlight your brand, elevate your company culture, and bring positive vibes to your break room.

Here’s how a customized break room will help your business:

  • Improved office morale
  • Boost in productivity
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Employees who stay at their desks longer
  • Limitless snack and meal options eliminating the need to leave the facility
  • Secure payment
  • Easy-to-use vending machines
  • Allows 24/7 access, providing options for employees working different shifts
  • Regular maintenance and troubleshooting

Let Us Help You Customize Your Break Room

Now that you know the possibility and benefits of a customized break room, take advantage of it. The flexibility to tailor your space to your needs and preferences is an opportunity to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
At Loyal Vending, we have unlimited ideas and concepts that can help kickstart your customization project. Contact us online or call us at 888.823.3339 to learn more.

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