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Loyal Vending Machine Rental

Looking for an established vending machine lender?

We are the only company that provides vending machines leasing services plus all related machine management, services and solutions under one umbrella.
Our service ensures that you won’t need any other solutions from other company. We have tailored our packages to ensure that you have everything that you need.
For frozen foods, Healthy snacks, beverages, water and other organic products, you are at the right place.
Understanding your preferences and specs is our mandate. We also ensure that we get to put in mind how big or small your business is. Our main target is to lease you combo vending machines that will meet your demand.
At Loyal Vending machines, we have the experience needed in Los Angeles to give you the best vending machine lease. Did you know? Our service is not for micro-business alone, we extents to schools: The size of your business should not worry you.
Whether big or small we can handle it. We have applied flexibility in our payments, allowing you to carry on with our dream without having to spend a huge amount of money.
We take your search for vending machine lease very seriously. Loyal Vending has a team of Technicians who are standby and ready to assist you 24 hrs, just for the smooth running of your leased machine.

We Deliver The Vending Machines Whenever They Are Needed

Whichever service you may need the vending machine to perform, that’s our business: We can design the machine to your specified needs.
Do you want the machine to have extra futures? Well, that’s our duty and we shall stand by it to make it work for you. In vending machine rentals, installation is part of the package. Our team is highly trained and can install the vending machine according to your specifications and the kind of tailoring that you may need.

Get Healthy Snacks Now

Need Some Training For Your Staff?

Talk to us for your vending machine rental in Los Angeles. We train in all aspects of the vending machine handling. We are also ready to assist anytime you need us. We are ready to walk the talk: Your team will be motivated as the vending machines run smoothly.

Why choose us for your vending machine rental in los angeles?

  • No hidden cost
  • We offer training and support
  • We can package the vending machines to fit your specific needs
  • We ensure the smooth running of your vending machines
  • We install the vending machines whenever they are needed
  • We have high quality, big brand machines.

A drink or snack at the office? We have what it takes

  • We have a specific office coffee solution that comes with several choices that include gourmet coffee.
  • Other drinks and refreshments include: tea, chocolate, soups, and assorted snacks.
  • We also have coffee service personnel who will tailor a program to fit your needs.
  • Contact us for your Vending Machine Vendors solutions and we shall guide you to the end and we shall be ready to take all the way to our goals achievement.

Loyal Vending

Offering the best-in-class vending machine management services in Los Angeles. Contact us today to see how we can transform your business.

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Transform Your Venture With Our Vending Machine Management Service

A poorly managed vending machine business will cause endless frustrations. Fortunately, that will not be your experience after upgrading to our top-notch vending machine service. You’ll enjoy a hassle-free installation, quick repairs, and timely maintenance.