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Water Filtration

Loyal Vending Water Filtration

Keep your employees hydrated with clean and safe drinking water, processed using an eco-friendly approach. Loyal Vending provides water filtration vending machines to fulfill the hydration needs of your employees, students, or customers.
So, whether you’re looking to provide a refreshing drink to complement meals or a constant supply to quench your thirst during working hours, we’ve got your back. Loyal Vending prides itself on providing quality water filtration services.
We guarantee you’ll love your water
.Our water filtration vending machines use different filtration methods, including reverse osmosis,forward osmosis, or seawater desalination, to give you 100% clean water.

Get Healthy & Organic Now

Key Features

Multi-Stage Filtration Process

Our water filtration vendors use over five filtration stages to provide great-tasting water directly to your faucet. Credit to the multi-stage filtration system, you’ll access the following benefits:

  • Unlimited supply of high-quality water
  • The filtration system releases minerals in the water, improving the taste of beverages such as coffee, soups, and other recipes.
  • A reduction of dissolved impurities such as lead or mercury
  • It eliminates sediments and particles.

Manage Your Machine Remotely

Our water filtration vending machines come with communication protocols that allow you to manage your water vending machine anytime, anywhere, through the internet. If you want to use water filtration for your business, it’s better to work smarter, not harder.
We integrate our machine with a system to help you

  • Track daily, weekly, and monthly sales
  • Deactivate cash mode into a free mode
  • Activate notifications and alerts
  • Turn your machines on or off

Fast Water Dispensing

Our vending machines use fast water dispensing mechanisms to reduce wait times for employees during a busy work day. It makes it possible to fill up a bottle quickly, making it a perfect solution for anyone looking to hydrate in between assignments.

Make Extra Income

Our water filtration vending machines produce high quality and fresh tasting water, an irresistible product that can be a source of income. If you have considerable traffic in your retail store, the water vending machine is an opportunity to boost your store sales.

Custom Design

Loyal Vending takes pride in offering custom vending machines to give your office, store, or school an exclusive look. We’ll let you choose the size, design, and theme that fits perfectly to the interior ambience and decor.

Why Choose Loyal Vending Water Filtration

Are you tired of losing cash on pre-bottled drinking water? Experience the difference with our water filtration vending machines.

If you opt-in, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Cash savings
  •  Exceptional customer service
  •  Great and refreshing hydration
  • Better health
  •  High-quality and eco-friendly solution

Try Loyal Vending Water Filtration Services

The constant need to refill water bottles in your organization is expensive and unsustainable. Fortunately, a filtration system can provide clean drinking water at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, after removing particles that affect taste and odor, it becomes more appealing with great taste.
At Loyal Vending, we use modern technology in our water filtration vending machines which guarantees quality and water safety to our customers.
Contact us online or call us at 888.823.3339 to get started.

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