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Loyal Vending Fresh Food

Soft drinks, snacks, or hot drinks are the first items on your mind when you think of a vending machine. Even so, fresh food machines are increasingly becoming popular. As consumers become more health-conscious, there’s a growing demand for fresh-food vending machines.
With that in mind, a fresh food machine is an excellent addition to any organization. If you’re a company that runs multiple shifts, fresh food will provide nutritious and healthy alternatives to your employees.
A fresh food vending machine will provide foods previously unavailable to customers, a different way to motivate your staff.
More importantly, fresh foods machines are compatible with pasta, sandwiches, soft drinks, and snacks, allowing your customers to strike a healthy dietary balance.

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Why Choose Our Fresh Food Vending Service


There’s a reservation surrounding food quality about using vending machines for fresh food. However, more workplaces have realized the benefit of having fresh food in their breakrooms.
At Loyal Vending, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with quality fresh food supplies. To that end, we thoroughly vet our suppliers to promote the safety and health of our end users.
It’s not just high-quality fresh food; all our vending machines use contactless payments and a friendly interphase.

A Wide Selection of Healthy Foods

Our fresh foods vending machines are stocked with a wide variety of healthy foods to meet the needs of your team. Whether you’d like tuna, chicken salads, or egg potato bacon, we’ve got over a hundred healthy options to keep your team motivated.


Vending machines provide huge value to your organization, whether it’s employee motivation or a shift in productivity. Even so, it should be installed within your budget limits. Fresh food vending machines from Loyal Vending operate with open and honest pricing without hidden costs.
Our pricing plans will also give you peace of mind. In addition, we’ve both buy and rent options which give you control of your finances.

Benefits of Fresh Foods

We spend a great chunk of our life in the workplace, which makes it a perfect place to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few benefits of a fresh food vending machine:

Increased Energy and Productivity

Healthy foods increase energy levels in the body, enhancing concentration and productivity at work.

Enhanced Office Morale

When an employee is aware of a well-stocked fresh food vending machine in the breakroom that assures their welfare. It, in turn, boosts their morale because they look forward to an enjoyable break.

Nurture a Strong Team:

A meal is an excellent way to break the ice in an office setting. Therefore, a vending machine with delicious fresh foods is a great starting point to promote cohesion in your team.

Try Our Quality Fast Food Vending Machines

We can offer a full fresh food vending solution that suits your organization’s needs. More importantly, we can help you stock the machines. So, whether you’re looking to stock up on fruits, beef, fresh sandwiches, or milk, we’ve got you covered.
At Loyal Vending, we’ve got state-of-art fresh food vending machines from top European manufacturers.
Contact us today or call us at 888.823.3339 to get started.

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